Virtualbox – VMWare

i used to use VMware server until i got my new laptop about 18months back when i discovered vmware made my keyboard lock up and other problems , so i switched to virtualbox , mainly becasue it looked somewhat similar to vmware and it was just an apt-get away.

i find virtualbox very useful but it has its problems , like i never got the usb to work on it …in all fairness thoguh i never really tried to fix it. i did however try to fix its problem with networking not being able to assign it a bridged network only ever used nat wich gets somewhat limiting when you want to work on servers, i tried a few things i found online but none of it seemed to work.

anyways i wanted to do some more server work so i decided to revisit vmware server (now version 2)

so i downloaded it (they have a 64bit version now ) and installed it , i did remember to run it thorugh sudo but it complained about perl errors , so i then ran it with
sudo perl ./
and it went throught he usualy setup routine etc just hit a bunch of yes's untill you get to it complaining about my kernel being compiled with a different gcc version than was installed , i was worried about this but google helped and you just ask it to go on anyways and it goes through ok . it asked me about user acount but i took the default answer (uh uh).

when i came to run it i opened a comand line and ran vmware it opened the browser and pointed me to a new managment console , there is not a stand alone application it seems for version 2 but instead is all through the web interface.
could i log on …could i hell , the default user i took was root being as i use kubuntu root has no password so i set a password for root with
sudo passwd root

and then i coudl log in ok and actually liked the set up a VM and away i went , runs ok though i have not really put it through its paces we will see in the next few days i suppose but everything seems good so far , the USB works fine as does the bridged networking so im happy and it has not locked up yet.

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