Who will watch the watchmen

Today i went to see Watchmen,

it is a great movie , the soundtrack fit well…….well ok , they use a Dylan song and i love Dylan .(did he sell out al of a sudden a lot of his song are being used)

i had never heard of the watchmen comic book so i cant compare it and maybe die hard comic fans will find some irritation in it or not , but i just watched it as a movie expecting nothing and i really liked it , there are some good effects in it and the story is very good , one thing was they dragged out the ending a lot ….or maybe that was just my view because i needed the washroom, it s along film on for nearly 3 hours.

but definitely worth seeing and especialy at the cinema , this is not one to wait for dvd , but then i am sure it wil be pretty awesome on blueray too.

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