Super ferry to Maui

We killed two birds with one stone , we decided to go to one to Maui on the superferry ,i had not been to any of the other islands ,or on the superferry.

getting up at 4am to get the superferry out of honolulu you have to be there 1.5 hours before it leaves and the departure is 6.30am , i was tired to say the least, its still dark when we got on the ferry so a little nap whilst traveling before you get to watch the sun rise , its very pretty.

on arriving in maui we couldnt check in to the hotel yet ,but did go to register and then coudl come back later to go in to ther room , we stayed in the Royal Lahina hotel you can get special deals fromt he superferry people that we took advantage of

maui was very pretty lots of natural beauty but not much else , state law doesnt allow gambling so the hotels do not have casinos in them apart from the pools and the beach there is nothing much to do.

the hotel itself was not as nice as we thought, it was a 4 star, the rooms where nice but the food was not , the breakfast was not good atall and one evening we decided to stay in the hotel for dinner only to find out they didnt have a dinner menu they only used the lunch menu for dinner so that was a bit of a dissapointment.

after 3 days in maui i was definetly ready to get bakc to honolulu.

i am glad i went to maui to see it and experiance it , the superferry does allow you to take motorbikes on so i think it woudl have been fun for a ride on the bike with camping there and do soe hiking etc , but as a tourist staying in  a hotle i thought it pretty much sucked , i can see it being good if you are coming from one of the colder cities and just enjoying the sun and beach but when you are coming from honolulu ….its well a different matter


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