KDE 4 – and my thoughts on upgrading my systems

Just a quick update!
As i think i commented last year i did not upgrade to the latest version of Kubuntu because it had KDE4 and i had read that it did not have support for most of the programs i use.
well i decided to revisit KDE4 to see how the progress has been coming along, so i downloaded Kubuntu Jaunty and installed it on a VM on my laptop to see how it fairs , i have to say i have been very surprised , there has been a lot of development and nto only does it look stunning it seems to have a lot more program support.i find th e way you go through the menus for applications a little annoying at first but hey its linux so i can change everything the way i like i am sure !

When i get back home in april my desktop (heavy artiliary) should be ready and waiting , this system has been out of action for about two years now and is installed with Kubuntu 606 if my memory serves me correct …..i didnt upgrade it to a non LTS version becasue it was just set up so perfectly with VMware Server and all the stuff you just have to have. so if my laptop upgrade to KDE 4 goes well i may consider upgrading that machine too .

i will probably post again on more findings with jaunty.

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