Moon ,Venus and Aquarium

Yesterday i went to the local Aquarium, it was very small compared to the ones i had been before but it was very interesting and they had some great sights to see there, i took a pic of one of the coral farm exhibits with my wide angle lense pushed against the screen , i think it came out pretty good. what do you think

i have been waiting for a bout a month for a good pic of the moon , in cresent i missed the last cycle due to bad weather but last night i got a good view of it and Venus was out too . i think it was venus … dont get too impressed with my knowledge of the night sky …i did know it was a planet but i googled for which one .

have a look at the pics they turned out better than i thought

not much else to report , i just wanted to share these pics really


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Linux on PS3

i  deiced to make a home security system , just cameras and movement detection system so i googled for open source applications and came across zone minder
i needed a central pc for this and looked at some HP ones online then i had the bright idea of seeing if the PS3 coudl do it …..i always like to make things from things you already have so i thought ok i will give it a go installing linux on the PS3

so after a few minuets googling i came across not only a guide on installing llinux on the PS3 but also a guide installing zone minder on the PS3 , what luck i thought .

so off i went to radio shack to get a usb keyboard and a HDMI cable

all the guides say you want to be connecting the PS3 to the TV with HDMI otherwise its unbearable

i followed the guide here
only i used the latest version of yellow dog .

so what where my findings ?

the guide is pretty easy to follow , once you have the OS on it is usable and actually kind of cool , but then moving on to the install of zone minder …..thats a different story

i am a debian boy kubuntu to be precises and although in the past i used madrake and other rpm distro’si have got so used to the way ubuntu does things using yellowdog and yum was a pain in the ass.
yum was painfully slow on the PS3 , i think that is more a PS3 thing than a Yum thing. but yum kept complaining about dependencies and that it couldn’t find mirror’s and things.

it reminded me of back when i was getting started with linux and you would have all these dependency problems and installing things would be such a pain in the ass …….thank god ubuntu got rid of all that with apt

what made it worse was every time it would complain about some dependacy or some mirror , running the commands again would take an age to complete i think this is something to do with the PS3 only allowing it to use 2 of its cores or something ……i read a lot of things about the performance a lot of things say its because it only has 256MB of memory …..but that i find extremely hard to believe as i was not running X at all and had disable a lot of services and just command line via ssh so 256 MB is lots i am sure

so in conclusion , running linux on the PS3 is a nice novelty and can even be usable with its enlightenment desktop you could collect email and web browse etc if you are patient ……i don’t think it is much use except from novelty ……but then i may just try ubuntu on it and see


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Super ferry to Maui

We killed two birds with one stone , we decided to go to one to Maui on the superferry ,i had not been to any of the other islands ,or on the superferry.

getting up at 4am to get the superferry out of honolulu you have to be there 1.5 hours before it leaves and the departure is 6.30am , i was tired to say the least, its still dark when we got on the ferry so a little nap whilst traveling before you get to watch the sun rise , its very pretty.

on arriving in maui we couldnt check in to the hotel yet ,but did go to register and then coudl come back later to go in to ther room , we stayed in the Royal Lahina hotel you can get special deals fromt he superferry people that we took advantage of

maui was very pretty lots of natural beauty but not much else , state law doesnt allow gambling so the hotels do not have casinos in them apart from the pools and the beach there is nothing much to do.

the hotel itself was not as nice as we thought, it was a 4 star, the rooms where nice but the food was not , the breakfast was not good atall and one evening we decided to stay in the hotel for dinner only to find out they didnt have a dinner menu they only used the lunch menu for dinner so that was a bit of a dissapointment.

after 3 days in maui i was definetly ready to get bakc to honolulu.

i am glad i went to maui to see it and experiance it , the superferry does allow you to take motorbikes on so i think it woudl have been fun for a ride on the bike with camping there and do soe hiking etc , but as a tourist staying in  a hotle i thought it pretty much sucked , i can see it being good if you are coming from one of the colder cities and just enjoying the sun and beach but when you are coming from honolulu ….its well a different matter


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KDE 4 – and my thoughts on upgrading my systems

Just a quick update!
As i think i commented last year i did not upgrade to the latest version of Kubuntu because it had KDE4 and i had read that it did not have support for most of the programs i use.
well i decided to revisit KDE4 to see how the progress has been coming along, so i downloaded Kubuntu Jaunty and installed it on a VM on my laptop to see how it fairs , i have to say i have been very surprised , there has been a lot of development and nto only does it look stunning it seems to have a lot more program support.i find th e way you go through the menus for applications a little annoying at first but hey its linux so i can change everything the way i like i am sure !

When i get back home in april my desktop (heavy artiliary) should be ready and waiting , this system has been out of action for about two years now and is installed with Kubuntu 606 if my memory serves me correct …..i didnt upgrade it to a non LTS version becasue it was just set up so perfectly with VMware Server and all the stuff you just have to have. so if my laptop upgrade to KDE 4 goes well i may consider upgrading that machine too .

i will probably post again on more findings with jaunty.

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movie – Push

Today i went to see the new movie here Push
its a movie loosely about people with psychic abilities a Hollywood action movie.

i liked it, nice switch your brain off kind of movie it is quite long but action keeps going so you don't really notice it.

so it was definitely a break from the crappy movies that i have seen recently.

this is a short one

over and out

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