Another Hike And Some Rambling’s

Yesterday was time for another hike , i decided an easy one was best .
i decided to go to Maunawilli Falls , its quite an easy hike going up there ,the are a few problems with it the parking is not great ….and when you get there the trail are realy muddy and there are little off shoots all over the place , so you can find yourself taking wrong turns in to nowhere quite easily .

when you get there it is a real nice place and the pool o ff the water fall is deep enough todive in to and swim in .


Today i saw on the BBC website that there where more protests in London, i am all for the voice of the people  but the images i saw there were like pictures you see of 3rd world protests , if they had guns in the UK they would be waving them in the air and shooting them ……was crazy …its a developed aparently civilised country and they made it look like a 3rd world country……the goverment really need to get a grip on this you can just not have destructive protests like that

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