its been a  while since i posted on here, i have not really had much to write about as i have not realy done a great deal so here is a brief update.

Ben arrived and left it was just a nice visit, messing on the boat and the pool , we hiked up to the lighthouse and polayed a lot of video games….. mortal combat v`s DC universe on the PS3….absolutely great game.

i have not been feeling too well so i have taken it easy the past week, and it s been so cold here …….but yesterday it warmed up a little and i felt a little better so i went to see the movie that i wanted to see , it was the Underworld rise of the lycans , for me i thought it was a great movie ….but how could i not …vampires and werewolves how could that go wrong.
great story and great action .

the day before i watched a ppv movie called wanted with angelena jollie in it , i really enjoyed it , a real good movie ….very entertaining

today was nice weather so we took a walk int he park and to my surprise i saw a group of guys playing cricket , they where all australian it seemed , but very nice to see cricket

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Dolphins and Dinner

Today we managed to get out on the boat, was not too lumpy out there even after last nights storm, so was actualy a very pleasant experiance and i managed to see some dolphins just at the side of the boat. we stopped the engines and you could see the dolphins going under the boat on the sounder ….it was 50ft of water and you could see the bottom but you could not visably see the dolphions i guess becasue the colour of them makes them difficult to see when they are in the water ,but i do love seeing them jumping out of the water as they swim along .


then in the evening we decided to go out for dinner , it was a nice plae i had been before , but this time they had changed the menu a little and some of the dishes where a little crapy , mine was good however 🙂

so that all to report …..apart from i have a friend visiting this week , arrives monday , so i shoudl have some good pics and stories later int he week.

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Another Hike And Some Rambling’s

Yesterday was time for another hike , i decided an easy one was best .
i decided to go to Maunawilli Falls , its quite an easy hike going up there ,the are a few problems with it the parking is not great ….and when you get there the trail are realy muddy and there are little off shoots all over the place , so you can find yourself taking wrong turns in to nowhere quite easily .

when you get there it is a real nice place and the pool o ff the water fall is deep enough todive in to and swim in .


Today i saw on the BBC website that there where more protests in London, i am all for the voice of the people  but the images i saw there were like pictures you see of 3rd world protests , if they had guns in the UK they would be waving them in the air and shooting them ……was crazy …its a developed aparently civilised country and they made it look like a 3rd world country……the goverment really need to get a grip on this you can just not have destructive protests like that

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2 Hikes and a few movies

i have been taking time to do a few hikes and watch a few movies.

on saturday i went to do a hike with friends of a nearby volcano crater called koko head, its not for the faint of heart it is a steep climb up an extinct volcano , it was a ww2 bunker / gun station. the trail is just straight up the side and is made up of an old train track that was used to take amo up to the gun station , it takes about 30min to get up there but it is very steep.
the views when you are at the top are quite good but no better than when you are halfway up really.

another hike i did was the diamond head crater , this is a state monument and is a nice leisurly walk up to the top and the top has great views of waikiki and surrounding areas, its easy walk with well maintaned tracks and a few steps to go up ….. well worth doing i though , but lots of people there.

hmmmm so movies what have i been watching and what did i think of them you may ask? or maybe you just dont care …..well here is my 5c anyway.

i went to the local blockbuster to get burn after reading , i had been told it was good and that i should see it …so i dont realy get the whole blockbuster renting movie experiance thing , i have always just gone to the cinema , watched them on TV or had them delivered with DVD rental clubs online ……
so i went to get this movie and there where all these cardboard cards so i take one to the counter and find out that there would be a dvd there if they had it in the cards where just for ????
so the guy was very helpful he looked through the returns and indeed they where all out …..then as i walked back to look for a different movie a guy asked the assistant where the blueray where then i remembered i have a blueray player so i asked if he had that on blueray …they did have just one left .
i got home all excited to watch the movie and when i did here is my 5c it is an ok movie ,      a refreshing change where the good people die , but not really a feel good movie or even as funny as the trailers made it look ….there where interesting parts to it …. but all in all not a great movie even though it has some big stars in it …..i could have waited to watch it on tv.

Another movie i watched was at the cinema , you have probaly seen the trailers for it Spirit the trailers are awesome and made by the director of sincity wich i loved and done in that same wirde kindof black and white thing…..so i did have high hopes for this movie and frankly i found it boaring , there just was not enough of a story there the cinematography was great but the movie just sucked.

so after 2 bad movies at the cinema where the trailers looked great im having a bad run it seems……..oh i dont think i posted about the other movie i saw a week or so ago …..the day the earth stood still …….trailer ….great! ……movie ….dull!. i didnt know it was a remake but a friend told me after i watched it and then i knew why the story was so bad ….it was dated scifi…1950's you could tell the story was 1950's even though the effects where good the story just lacked .

there are a few more movies i want to see i hope they all dont turn out to be a waste of time .
yesterday i saw a trailer for the new movie in the underworld series , i liked the first one and i think i liked the second ….so i do want to see this precuil .

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