Boxing Day Power Outage

Honolulu 7.30pm on boxing day, i am sat watching some stupid movie like you do on boxing day …i was getting quite in to it it was triple x , looked like it was a good movie when the power went out!

thats ok , i have lights , i wait a while with the lights and the power doesnt go back on, on the radio it says the whole islandof oahu is out, so i decide to go to bed.

i wake up around 4am and still no power so i start thinking about all the food in the freezers and decide to go get a generator hooked up.
so in the dark with just a crapy LED light i dig out the generator and there is no fuel in it so i look for fuel and cant find any , with the power out i cant just go down to ther gas station and get any , so i start looking for pipes to get soem fuel out of the jet skis i manage to find a piece of hose pipe and try to get the fuel oout of the jet ski they seem to have a valve to stop this kind of behavious so i turn to my bike put the pipe in to  find that what i thought woudl be true the bore of the pipe is making it hard to get the fuel out so i found a little hand pump hooked it to the end and gave it a squeeze and out came the fuel , i drained it completely and then put the fuel in the little honda generator.

so i am trying to start this generator in limited light and working up quiet a sweat i feel my feet getting wet and smell fuel , i loook down and realise there is lots of fuel all over the garage floor , i look for the casue and i see it puoring form a pipe off the carb , the float valve in the carb muct be stuck so i take the carb apart and clean out the valve put it back together and all is good , btu the machine still wont start.

now i am thinking i shoudl get the  bigger generator and try that , i was avoiding that becasue it is int he third bay of the garage and behind a wall , and we have electric doors, so i figure out how to unlock the garage doors and drg out ther generator , luckily it is starting to get light now .its a new generator so i put some oil in the engine and fuel int he tank and it fires up first pull so all is saved. The freezers and fridges are online and all is good in the world

It did kept everything workign  though we  only had limited fuel we had to  run it for short periods at a time . the power eventualy cam on at 4pm that day

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