tests and a result

So last week i did my driving knowledge test and then booked a driving test , could only get one for sometime in january at first but after a while i managed to get a cancelation for the friday morning, i had to get up at 6am to get over to the test centre in time , but i managed it and i passed my driving test.

it was so strange havign a driving test when i had already been driving for abotu 13 years, it was like being 18 again such a strange feeling … this time the test person was not as cranky as i remember from my teens , it was very pleasant and just really like a little drive and a chat.

its quiet funny when you are in the test centre car park and you are holding back from parkign because there is a learner parking , and then you realise you are in the same boat as they are….. though you can park 🙂

anyway its over now and hopefully i will never have to experiance that again , well apart from when i retest for my motorbike liscence .

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