Linux on xda exec (universal)

I have had a o2 xda exec ( HTC universal) for some years, i hardly ever used it from the time i bought it because it was so slow that i would miss calls , it does have a lot of features and can do a great deal , as a phone it sucks , but for email and web and other stuff it was good , i kind of used it as a device for when i didnt want to take my laptop it worked ok for that apart from it didnt have all the things i wanted on there but i got by. it runs windows mobile 5 or something like that i always kind of wanted linux on there so i could  put the apps i use on there.

i stared to look   for a version of linux for it, i came across this website it had the files there and also some instructions btu here is how i did it (on Kubunutu)

i have a 2GB SDcard in my so i  put that in my laptop
open a terminal and write replacing mmcblk0 with the name of your sd card

sudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0

then when in fdisk i deleted all the partitions on the device to start over, then i created the new partitons
i created a fat16 at 256MB and linux ext2 with the rest of the device's space

then you download and extract the files found in the link above

i tried the X11 and the openmoko ones
the openmoko one is more like a phone with contacts etc
the X11 one is more like a desktop with the layout etc

so wichever one you decide to try you put the CAB file on the FAT partiton on the SDcard

and you extract the image to the linux parttion on the SDcard
i just copied the file over and then ran bunzip2 ./filename
and then tar -xvf ./filename.tar
then you should have a file system appear on the partiton

ok unmount your SDcard parttions then you put the SDcard in to your xda
browse the SDcard and install the CAB file you put there …follow the onscreen prompts
when its installed go to programs >boot linux  …..and run the loader you chose

the machine will start to boot in to linux then, it does take some time and does look like it has hung on ocasion but just let it run.

then you can play away with your linux xda ,

i am working on getting all the applications i need on there , so that will be updated later


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