Music and Movies

well after my dental surgery and other problems i finally left the house this weekend and met up with friends downtown found myself in HMV (music store) just browsing for things that my niece as i couldnt remember the names of the bands i thought a little browse around would jog my memory….they didnt but i did find some interpol cd's , i remember seeing these on at glastonbury festival and they where cool , but that was a few years back and i think i did buy there cd back then but couldnt remember anyways i bought interpol turn on the bright lights and interpol remixed by interpol.

i listend to turn on the bright lights on the drive home it was dark foggy and nasty weather on the way back so the music was welcome , it was a pretty good CD , then i listened to the remix CD yesterday just chilling out workign ont he computer and i liked it a lot there are only 4 songs on the remix cd i like the last song best . anyways the cd's are in my car changer now i dumped the paul simon one to put it in i couldnt think of which other one to loose until now as i am thinking whats in there there is one i want to get rid of …here is a list of whats in

1) James hey ma
2) Vampire Weekend
3) The Courteeners st jude
4) the Killers Hot Fuss
5) Feeder Silent Cry
6)Interpol turn on the bright lights

so did you guess which one i want to get rid of?

if you guessed 4 you where wrong it is a little old but i do like to listen to that one from time to time , they are just fun songs
it is infact the Feeder CD number 5 , it sucks …there is just no other way to describe it , Feeder did some great songs and the song iheard that made me buy it was ok , but ther rest of the CD sounds the same its like a CD of the same song .

ok Well the title says music and movies so here is the movie i went to see , Max payne.
i think it has something to do with a computer game of the same name form quite a few years ago but i am not sure. anyways  the trailers looked great , the movie is ok …..not boaring as such but id wait for dvd or tv , amazing cinematic experiance it is not …though it is not a boaring film.

ok so thats my little bitch …… wow it feels like i have doen a review or something …….i just had nothting else to write about

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