Old Radio -Superman

Today i decided i would listen to the afternoon play on radio 4 ….just like the old days… well the real player the BBC use doesn't seem to work on my computer so i couldn't listen to it.

listening to play's and books really chills me out and i really enjoy it, i listened to the last hanibal lector book …i forget its name btu the audio book was read by the author, it was great …..the movie sucked in comparison!

 anyway trying to Google  to fix my BBC not working problem  i was reminded about internet radio and thought there is probably a whole channel with nice plays and books on it so i looked around and i stumbled upon http://www.wizzard.tv/oldtimeradio
which has a whole host of old radio shows to listen , to you can even download them  …..and on the list of old shows they have is most importantly is

they have a load of the superman radio programs including the first one , they are great i started to listen to them …faster than a speeding bullet 🙂
if you like the old radio shows or spoken word radio shows  or radio drama you should definitely check them out

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