First Release – Free Python Stock Price Software

Finally it is ready for use, there are a few bits i want to improve but the software is usable.

This is my first attempt at python programing and an exercise just to learn , but i thought some people may find it useful! it does its job and is pretty light weight and easy to use , nothing fancy but it does work so feel free to use it or at least try it and decide.

 A bit about it

it is command line software , the first time you run it it will ask what stocks you have, you just answer the questions as prompted  then it get the prices from yahoo finance and tells you your current value and if you made a profit . it will check for new prices every 10 min so you can just leave it running in the back ground and when ever you check you will have the latest yahoo prices from yahoo finance

the second time you  run it you will be shown what is in your portfolio form last time and asked if you want to edit , it stores your portfolio in two files in the same directory as the program

here is the legal stuff:
Remember this is free software and comes with no warranty, not even the merchantability or fit for a specific purpose

you can view the source code so you can see how it works you can also run it form the source if you have python installed (Linux usually does, Windows and Mac users would need to download it form )

For Windows Users
I also created a windows .exe file , you just download the zip file here
extract it and run the file called stock-ticker-ver3.exe
there is no installing of anything needed.

Linux and Mac Users
you need to download the python source file here
Extract it!
Then just run it as you would any other Python script

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