My First Python Program – Progress

As i mentioned in an earlier post that i am working on a stock ticker to get to grips with python programing.

well it is evolving quite well if i do say so myself, i have changed a lot of the program so it makes use of functions , this was just a better way to do some of the things i wanted.

i have managed to allow some editing of the portfolio, mainly just adding more stock symbols to lookup so i need to implement deletion of symbols (shouldn't be too difficult just need to get on with it)

it has been a big rewrite even though it is a small program to incorporate the function's and also improving functionality.

i have the web fetch looped by time , as i am picking it up from yahoo finance they only refresh every 10 min or so , therefore i don't need to query for 10 min, i put a nice little countdown at the bottom which was a bit of a pain at first. but actually quite simple in the end.

so i am thinking when i have implemented a way to edit the portfolio as apposed to just deleting the file and recreating a portfolio then i will put the finished product up here for download so you can try it out if you like!
oh and don't worry i am going to make sure it works on windows ! python is supposed to be all about cross platform 🙂

i am using pickle module in this program though and am probably going to have to come up with an alternative i have seen one called Cerealizer that may do it . i just need an alternative so that it works on my cell phone the S60 Nokia N95 (8GB), though i am not sure how practical it wuld be to use on a cell.

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