Another Hardy Update!

After using hardy now for i guess about a month
i am still liking it but other bugs have become apparent.

Flash – always a problme on linux had been doing peculia things, sometimes it just doesnt work and some sites dont load …i think it really is a versioning problem as i am on flash 9 and i think some of the older ones dont work , youtube works but just some things dont

by far the most anoying thing for me is , Evolution crashes , i have disabled all the plugins that i dare and it still crashed , after it crashes it recovers and then i need to open evolution twice to get it to run…. very strange …..after it recovered it did leave the preview pane off . which i didnt like to quickly re enabled . it was crashing all the time , now i have left the reading pane off and so far it has not crashed …but i dont really hold up much hope as i dont think that is the problem …. we will see!

but apart from that and ofcourse i still havnt fixed the see through screen lock……it is all pretty good … it is still fast and hasnt totally locked up ….receovers well from teh programs crashing never has got unstable so all in all good good.

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