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well after my dental surgery and other problems i finally left the house this weekend and met up with friends downtown found myself in HMV (music store) just browsing for things that my niece as i couldnt remember the names of the bands i thought a little browse around would jog my memory….they didnt but i did find some interpol cd's , i remember seeing these on at glastonbury festival and they where cool , but that was a few years back and i think i did buy there cd back then but couldnt remember anyways i bought interpol turn on the bright lights and interpol remixed by interpol.

i listend to turn on the bright lights on the drive home it was dark foggy and nasty weather on the way back so the music was welcome , it was a pretty good CD , then i listened to the remix CD yesterday just chilling out workign ont he computer and i liked it a lot there are only 4 songs on the remix cd i like the last song best . anyways the cd's are in my car changer now i dumped the paul simon one to put it in i couldnt think of which other one to loose until now as i am thinking whats in there there is one i want to get rid of …here is a list of whats in

1) James hey ma
2) Vampire Weekend
3) The Courteeners st jude
4) the Killers Hot Fuss
5) Feeder Silent Cry
6)Interpol turn on the bright lights

so did you guess which one i want to get rid of?

if you guessed 4 you where wrong it is a little old but i do like to listen to that one from time to time , they are just fun songs
it is infact the Feeder CD number 5 , it sucks …there is just no other way to describe it , Feeder did some great songs and the song iheard that made me buy it was ok , but ther rest of the CD sounds the same its like a CD of the same song .

ok Well the title says music and movies so here is the movie i went to see , Max payne.
i think it has something to do with a computer game of the same name form quite a few years ago but i am not sure. anyways  the trailers looked great , the movie is ok …..not boaring as such but id wait for dvd or tv , amazing cinematic experiance it is not …though it is not a boaring film.

ok so thats my little bitch …… wow it feels like i have doen a review or something …….i just had nothting else to write about

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Old Radio -Superman

Today i decided i would listen to the afternoon play on radio 4 ….just like the old days… well the real player the BBC use doesn't seem to work on my computer so i couldn't listen to it.

listening to play's and books really chills me out and i really enjoy it, i listened to the last hanibal lector book …i forget its name btu the audio book was read by the author, it was great …..the movie sucked in comparison!

 anyway trying to Google  to fix my BBC not working problem  i was reminded about internet radio and thought there is probably a whole channel with nice plays and books on it so i looked around and i stumbled upon
which has a whole host of old radio shows to listen , to you can even download them  …..and on the list of old shows they have is most importantly is

they have a load of the superman radio programs including the first one , they are great i started to listen to them …faster than a speeding bullet 🙂
if you like the old radio shows or spoken word radio shows  or radio drama you should definitely check them out

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First Release – Free Python Stock Price Software

Finally it is ready for use, there are a few bits i want to improve but the software is usable.

This is my first attempt at python programing and an exercise just to learn , but i thought some people may find it useful! it does its job and is pretty light weight and easy to use , nothing fancy but it does work so feel free to use it or at least try it and decide.

 A bit about it

it is command line software , the first time you run it it will ask what stocks you have, you just answer the questions as prompted  then it get the prices from yahoo finance and tells you your current value and if you made a profit . it will check for new prices every 10 min so you can just leave it running in the back ground and when ever you check you will have the latest yahoo prices from yahoo finance

the second time you  run it you will be shown what is in your portfolio form last time and asked if you want to edit , it stores your portfolio in two files in the same directory as the program

here is the legal stuff:
Remember this is free software and comes with no warranty, not even the merchantability or fit for a specific purpose

you can view the source code so you can see how it works you can also run it form the source if you have python installed (Linux usually does, Windows and Mac users would need to download it form )

For Windows Users
I also created a windows .exe file , you just download the zip file here
extract it and run the file called stock-ticker-ver3.exe
there is no installing of anything needed.

Linux and Mac Users
you need to download the python source file here
Extract it!
Then just run it as you would any other Python script

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My First Python Program – Progress

As i mentioned in an earlier post that i am working on a stock ticker to get to grips with python programing.

well it is evolving quite well if i do say so myself, i have changed a lot of the program so it makes use of functions , this was just a better way to do some of the things i wanted.

i have managed to allow some editing of the portfolio, mainly just adding more stock symbols to lookup so i need to implement deletion of symbols (shouldn't be too difficult just need to get on with it)

it has been a big rewrite even though it is a small program to incorporate the function's and also improving functionality.

i have the web fetch looped by time , as i am picking it up from yahoo finance they only refresh every 10 min or so , therefore i don't need to query for 10 min, i put a nice little countdown at the bottom which was a bit of a pain at first. but actually quite simple in the end.

so i am thinking when i have implemented a way to edit the portfolio as apposed to just deleting the file and recreating a portfolio then i will put the finished product up here for download so you can try it out if you like!
oh and don't worry i am going to make sure it works on windows ! python is supposed to be all about cross platform 🙂

i am using pickle module in this program though and am probably going to have to come up with an alternative i have seen one called Cerealizer that may do it . i just need an alternative so that it works on my cell phone the S60 Nokia N95 (8GB), though i am not sure how practical it wuld be to use on a cell.

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Magellan Maestro 4250 – Sell by date

When i moved here i decided it would be a good idea to buy a GPS to put in the car so i could find my way around easily.
so i went to the local store and purchased a Magellan Maestro 4250 it had all the bells and whistles at the time.

i have used it for 5 months now
with my recent visitor i relied on it quite a lot to get me around to the tourist places,, a few times the road layout changes caused problems for it , so i figured it needed a map update.

so i dug out the box to look for map update instructions there was nothing on there so i went to there website.
there i found the map updates but they want $79.99 to download it.

so i emailed them to see if i had missed the updates page or something and they told me
I would be happy to assist you with your concern. As you may know, when our company goes to market with new products and updates, there are development costs in terms of people and technology. In addition, for Map updates, we are charged fees by our Map providers. Therefore, we must charge for Map updates to cover these internal costs and the royalties paid to outside providers so that our customers can have improved Map data. Also, all Maestro units of the same model number were manufactured on the same date. This means that they have the same Map version regardless of the date of purchase. If you do need further assistance, do not hesitate to email us back so that we can further assist you."

so basically when you buy there GPS you have the map that was installed when it was first made and you are not entitled to any upgrades.

so if you are buying one of these devices be careful of the manufacture date as they have no sell by date on them.

funny though i have GPS, maps and guides on my nokia n95 cell phone and i just updated that software for free.

so in conclusion i will not be buying the upgraded maps for it , i will use it until it gets too incorrect and then i will buy a garmin next time as everyone suggested to me to start with.

Am i being unreasonable to expect a free map upgrade for 6-12 months after date of purchase ?

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Another Hardy Update!

After using hardy now for i guess about a month
i am still liking it but other bugs have become apparent.

Flash – always a problme on linux had been doing peculia things, sometimes it just doesnt work and some sites dont load …i think it really is a versioning problem as i am on flash 9 and i think some of the older ones dont work , youtube works but just some things dont

by far the most anoying thing for me is , Evolution crashes , i have disabled all the plugins that i dare and it still crashed , after it crashes it recovers and then i need to open evolution twice to get it to run…. very strange …..after it recovered it did leave the preview pane off . which i didnt like to quickly re enabled . it was crashing all the time , now i have left the reading pane off and so far it has not crashed …but i dont really hold up much hope as i dont think that is the problem …. we will see!

but apart from that and ofcourse i still havnt fixed the see through screen lock……it is all pretty good … it is still fast and hasnt totally locked up ….receovers well from teh programs crashing never has got unstable so all in all good good.

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From Whence They Came

Well i have been quiet for a while !
i had a friend visiting from back home so i have been out doing the tourist stuff.
been a great week, done lots of stuff  lots of driving and lots of fun

so here are a few pictures from the trips.

the Timber Wolves are from grouse mountain as are the Grizzly Bears. the scenery pics are from near whistler.
outside the Timber wolf enclosure they had a little notice telling you about the timber wolf and it was historically prominent all over north America and now its only in Canada apart from a small patch in norther Washington.

IMG 3105IMG 3092IMG 3066IMG 3061IMG 3056IMG 3055

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