OS Upgrade To Hardy

Well i finally did it.
After putting it off for 5 months i finally upgraded to the latest Kubuntu, i was worried after all the problems i had installing gutsy on my laptop with audio and kernel problems etc, but there was no update to firefox 3 and no update to amsn so i though time to get the latest.

After installing it i was so surprised no problems like the moto it just worked.
so i installed all my software and decided to give it a whirl and i have to say …i like it.

a few bugs with the compiz , you can turn on desktop effects in the kde menu just enable it and comiz is instaled and setup and you just select the amount of effect you want , but be warned if you decide to disable compiz it uninstals it and leaves you with no window manager so you have no little x to click to close it.
i did have a problem with evolution i had to open it twice to get it to read the mail …that was a strange one. just fixed its self
kaffene asked for codecs when i wanted to play a file and promptly downloaded and installed them …. thats how it should be 🙂

when you lock the screen (i do this all the time) it doesnt blank it …its just dimmed and you can see the Desktop althoguh its greyed out and when you move the mouse it blacks out and asks for pass but revert back to being greyed and you can see it ….now that for me …i just dont like and i am sure tis a bug…. i will have to look for a resolution.

So the verdict is that i like it ! and Kubuntu  just keeps getting better

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